Media Center The A.I. Way

The Our Multi-Media System is at the cutting edge of today's technology. Using only the best possible components we have built a range of storage and playback solutions which are optimised for video & audio content storage and simultaneous multi-user access to stored data. Our content servers come in a range of sizes from our entry level Mutiplex VIII which can store up to 11.5 terrabytes (usable) of movies music and photos (approx 2000 feature length DVD's*) all the way up to our Mutiplex XXIV which can store up to a massive 40 terrabytes (usable) of movies music and photos. That's enough to hold approximately 6,826 feature length DVD Movies or 2,050 Blu ray movies**.

Our entire range of servers are completely scalable meaning you can use multiple servers in arrays to increase your storage capacity. The system allows for an unlimited number of players to be connected and supports up to 15 simultaneous bluray playback streams.

All of our Servers feature hardware RAID 6 data protection which allows for up to 2 drive failures with no data loss; essential for protecting your cherished movie and music libraries.

Silverscreen III HD player at a glance.

imageWhen you combine the latest Intel technology with passive cooling and solid state hardware the result is the Silverscreen III HD; one of the quietest and greenest high end HTPC's on the market today.
Solid State hard drives use less power and can access data up to 40x faster than traditional HDD's allowing the player to boot from cold in under 15 seconds. Our enhanced video engine delivers smooth HD video playback and provides video processing designed to improve image quality and performance including hardware-accelerated decoding for Blu-ray dual-stream picture-in-picture and 3D support for Microsoft DirectX 10 and OpenGL 2.1.

The fully HDCP compliant HDMI 1.3a output of the Silverscreen III HD delivers video formats up to 1080p and fully supports Bitstreaming of uncompressed 7.1 HD audio and dual stream video.

Like most high-end digital devices, the PSU is separate from the main chassis thereby increasing audio fidelity by removing power supply noise.

Back Panel

  • HDMI1.3a
  • DVI
  • VGA
  • 7.1 Auto Sensing Analogue Outputs
  • 1Gb Lan
  • 2 x USB2 Ports
  • PS2 Keyboard

Front Panel

  • Power Button
  • Eject Button
  • BD/DVD/CD Drive

Built to the most exacting standards the Silverscreen III HD is available in black or silver.

Multiplex servers at a glance

imageMultiplex XII (19TB*)
(Replaces Multiplex V)

  • Unlimited user connections.
  • Hardware RAID 6 protected storage allows for failure of up to 2 drives with no loss of data.
  • Hot swapping and hot spare drives for mission critical applications is fully supported.
  • Hot swappable redundant PSU.
  • 2 x 1Gbit LAN ports support bonding to a network switch.
  • XL Versions of our server are available which support 10Gbit/sec connections to the network for greater data throughput.
  • Through careful design and a ‘no-compromise’ approach we beleive our Multiplex servers are the fastest, most reliable and fault tolerant multi-media storage solutions on the market today.

The only difference between the servers in the Multiplex range is storage capacity.

This system is designed to allow up to 15 simultaneous users to access a shared movie and music library and to store your content in a safe and convenient way to watch and listen with the best possible picture and sound quality. However, due to legal regulations in the UK, we are unable to provide the Silverscreen III HD media player or the Multiplex range of media servers with any software that bypasses copy protection or region coding on commercial DVD's , HD DVD's , Blu Ray discs or CD's.

Most commercial movie titles are protected by digital systems such as CSS and AACS which, in some countries, is illegal to circumvent. Our system does not remove any copy protection. Therefore, copying protected discs will fail within the first 5% of the copy. If you live in a country where making digital backups of discs that you own is legal, you can install a driver level software such as slysoft's 'AnyDVD HD' to remove these protections, thereby enabling you to copy your DVD and Bluray collection to your Multiplex system.

The Multi Media system will automatically download information for DVD's that you add to your collection including Cover Art, Actor , Actress , Director Biographies, MPAA Ratings, Star Ratings, Synopsis, Year Of Release, Genre and more. We currently have over 250,000 individual titles on the online database and this number is growing all the time. You can manage your collection from any Windows based PC or Silverscreen III HD Player on the Multiplex Network.

For pricing information please use the contact page and one of our staff members will contact you to discuss your requirements further.

**All capacities quoted are approximate and figures may vary according to content. All figures shown assume 1:1 full resolution copies are made of the original disc content including all menus extras and trailers. An average feature length DVD is assumed to be approximately 6 GB. An average feature length blu ray disc is assumed to be approximately 20 GB

***We reserve the right to change the specifications and components in our systems at any time without prior notice. However, please be assured that any such changes will only be made if they are necessary due to component availability or if they are enhancements to the product range. No changes will be made if they were to compromise the build quality or usability of our systems.